LandXML: an open future for construction

File size standards make life and work a lot easier. Can you imagine that you have to convert every image or document to another file type when transferring it between computers? Thanks to formats such as JPEG or PDF, you don’t have to. However, in construction, there appears to be no universal file type for […]

Industry Conversation w/ Thierry HUGON from Roger Martin

Digital transformation is fantastic but let us not forget that it applies to real-life job sites. We interviewed Thierry HUGON from Roger Martin to discuss what construction is today and what it will be tomorrow. Ranging from operators using guidance systems, new employees and drone surveying.  

As-built data best practice: Day-to-day jobsite progress tracking made easy

As a digital construction pioneer, you must have tried drone surveying on one of your sites or at least thought about it. At Smart Construction, we are big fans of drones because their workflow is much simpler compared to surveying activities with a GNSS rover. The top-down perspective it offers is very handy to follow […]

5 Things You Should Know About The New Drone Regulations Within The EU

Drone flying in the EU has always been rather limited because the regulations differed heavily from country to country. Some member states even changed their aviation rules 3 times a day, which was extremely frustrating for all drone enthusiasts but more importantly, this chaotic situation also stalled drone operation as a whole in the EU for many years.