SMART CONSTRUCTION was introduced in 2015 to improve efficiency and to help address the labour shortage facing the Japanese construction industry. Now, with more than 10,000 SMART CONSTRUCTION jobsites across Japan, America and Europe, we believe it’s time for construction companies around the globe to benefit from the increase in safety, productivity and peace of mind brought on by our solutions.

SMART CONSTRUCTION helps companies to work in a more efficient way, improving collaboration both internally and with sub-contractors. This collaborative way of thinking is also used to develop the software applications supporting SMART CONSTRUCTION. In cooperation with Landlog, Komatsu Limited started SMART CONSTRUCTION as an open project partnered with 22 startups and leading companies. It led to the creation of a family of solutions, which then were each put to the test by proof-of-concept customers around the world.

About Komatsu Europe International NV

Komatsu Europe International n.v. (KEISA) is the European Headquarter of the Komatsu Group, which is based in Tokyo, Japan. KEISA represents Komatsu in Belgium since 1967. After first being located in Antwerp and Haren (Brussels), KEISA set up in Vilvoorde in 1973. We import and distribute Komatsu construction, mining and utility equipment to European and North African countries and supervise European legal and financial operations. We are also the Parts Distribution Centre for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Komatsu products are world renowned for their high technology, productivity, reliability, economical operation, ease of use and safety.