Our vision about a digital jobsite


The digitized-jobsite revolution is coming. It will bring significant changes and big questions. You may have heard that it’s the future. But what makes it your future? Let us introduce the vision that drives us at Smart Construction: digitizing your workflow to benefit you.

Let’s take the jobsite itself as a starting point. It involves digging. Moving earth. Paving streets. But what’s it actually about when you work in the construction industry? Where do you find the values, the care and the love you bring to your work? How does digitization fit in with your commitment? Or your vision? How does it help you construct a better-connected world?

In truth, the term "digital jobsite" is pretty new, giving us the opportunity  to define what it should mean. At Smart Construction, we choose to make it synonymous with the people in the industry. Without them, there wouldn't be a jobsite to digitalize. Working together has always been the most critical value. Without it, it would have been impossible to grow and develop through evolution, revolution, technical and societal changes. Nonetheless, you might feel that going digital creates distance and coldness. Technology is nothing but chips, bits, and copper. But that would be the same as reducing construction to bricks, beams and asphalt. We see technology as a way to help us work together. 

A digital jobsite will bring a new way of working, one that doesn't replace your knowhow but helps it reach its full potential. It aims to make your work less physically demanding, more collaborative, and less stressful. Digitalizing is not dehumanizing; it's the opposite. It's building bridges between people through technology.

One way it does this is by helping us to get rid of uncertainties. Uncertainties about planning, quantities, duration, costs, profits, etc. It helps us to improve and escape from needlessly time-consuming tasks. It’s how we get everybody up to speed with the correct, up-to-the-minute information. We want you to have the same level of sophistication in your monitoring and planning tools as scientists have in a laboratory.


Exactly how do we do this? One example is with a drone. It’s a solution that you can easily use, on the fly, to create digital overviews. Another example is the Smart Construction Simulation that shows you the optimal performance on your jobsite, taking soil conditions and weather into account, while showing you not only which machines will be required, but also how many, where and when.

If you are keeping track of your workforce, machines, and materials manually, you’ve probably found it’s needlessly difficult, whether you’re working on a single jobsite or across several. But by adding sensors and trackers, it becomes possible to efficiently visualize the comings and goings of your resources. With the overview they give you, you’re able to identify and fix bottlenecks and see instant effects. If you want to use cool words, you can call it PDCA. Or you can just say you're taking control.


Your success comes from your collaborative efforts as a team. At Smart Construction we want to support you and your team. Our solutions are cloud-based, accessible from any device with a web browser—a computer, a tablet, even a smartphone. Go ahead! Grant access to your colleagues, subcontractors, clients, etc. They're just one click away from up-to-date, easy-to-understand data.

Of course the jobsite isn’t just about the work you do outside. You also have to report, because that's how it works. You have to bring proof of completed jobs. You need to tell Accounting how everything costs and arrange to have it paid for. Everyone expects these reports to be perfect and on-time, despite the tight deadlines. 

We designed Smart Construction Field to relieve this burden, creating a real-time link between jobsites and the office. Field helps you deliver reports hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with an intuitive app.


Creating this link between jobsite and the office is a major focus at Smart Construction. You have things to do and places to go to. Let's minimize the time you spend in traffic, driving from one jobsite to the next. Smart Construction Insight provides you with the right amount of processed data for you to see where you need to take action. One mouse-click tells you more than one trip.

Going digital may seem like a lot of work. Where do you start? What’s most important for your situation? And do you need to go completely digital, or just part of the way? Don't worry, you're not the only one with questions. At Smart Construction, we help you with your digital transformation. We employ dedicated advisors, a team of experts that works with you, analyzing your workflow, working on the issues you identify, finding new opportunities for innovation, and helping you set up—all without disrupting your schedule.

We see a digital jobsite as one that helps make you work more efficiently, effectively and safely. Have a chat with us at Smart Construction and find out what digitization offers you. Because a digital jobsite is designed specifically to help you. You just need to let it.

SMART CONSTRUCTION delivered the missing link in our daily processes, gaining safety and simplicity in our workflow. It's the right step in improving our business.

Start analysing and controlling your jobsite to improve efficiency and safety.


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