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Send new design data to machines in the field, or remotely support operators, without traveling to the jobsite. Saving fuel, time and money. One solution for all your Topcon, Trimble or intelligent Machine Control systems


One Solution for your mixed fleet

Aftermarket or intelligent Machine Control. Smart Construction Remote is compatible with Windows and Android based systems like...

"On our jobsite, we have around 70 machines working simultaneously. We couldn't go to every machine when a plan is changing. We have tested every solution on the market. Our conclusion is simple, Smart Construction Remote is the best to use due to an intuitive interface and the very powerful remote support feature."

Mr Medina, EIFFAGE, RCEA Project - Responsible of surveyor missions

File Transfer (Office to Machine):
Stop wasting time and fuel driving up to your machines to deliver newly released plans. With Smart Construction Remote, you can update the design plans on your machines from the office.

File Transfer (Machine to Office):
Do you want to receive the as-built data from the machine in the field, or do you want to double-check if the plans are correct? You can download the files back to your computer remotely.

Batch File Transfer:
Send the newly created design plans to all the machines on the jobsite in just a few clicks. No longer will you have to update machines one by one.

Offline File Transfer:
Did you finish those new designs later than expected? Just send them! Your files will stay in the cloud until the machine is switched back on. So the operator can immediately start the day with the updated model.

File History:
With a historical overview of previously sent files, you can identify file names, transfer dates, successes, issues and cancellations. It's little features like this that can make the difference sometimes.

Remote View:
Finding a solution to a problem is much easier when you can visually see the issue. Remotely access the machine's display and see directly what the operator is talking about. Playing Pictionary over the phone is now in the past.

Remote Control:
Take command of the machine control system as if you were in the cabin. Open, close, tweak, move and input all remotely from the office or another jobsite.

Geolocate your Fleet:
Remote displays your machinery on a big beautiful map, giving you the ability to keep track of the machine's location from the office.

Transfer Rental Equipment:
Smart Construction Remote can be rented further from your organization to the client while retaining full ownership and control of the solution. This enables your customers to send files remotely and for you to deliver great remote support whenever needed.


Save Time

Save yearly up to 30 hours for every machine you own*

Save Fuel

Lower your milage by 10 000km per year or 1495kg of CO2*

Save Money

Save up to thousands of euro’s just by working remote*

Whether you are a rental dealer or you manage the companies fleet Smart Construction Remote will be a huge time saver. 

Interested in becoming more efficient and adopting Smart Construction Remote into your toolset, or do you need more information? Contact us!

*Please understand that our indication of time, fuel and money saved is an average saving and merely serves as an indication of what might be possibly saved using our Smart Construction Remote Solution. These numbers cannot be guaranteed since the actual amount of time, fuel and money saved depends on your specific situation, your fleet and your projects. If you contact us, we can look together how our Smart Construction Remote Solution could benefit your activity.