Equip your mixed fleet with 3D Machine Guidance. A fast and cost-efficient way to enable your conventional excavators and wheeled excavators to collect as-built terrain data and payload information.

A compact, cost-effective 3D Machine Guidance

Smart construction Retrofit allows 3D machine guidance to an existing hydraulic excavator, no matter the OEM. With our multi-constellation GNSS system, you can achieve high position accuracy even in harsh environments, minimizing the need for in-field surveying. A cost-effective and easy-to-install kit that allows you to upgrade your conventional machine within one day.

Pilot Web and Pilot Tablet Application

With the Pilot application, you can directly transfer 3D design data to the in-cabin Pilot tablet, Backup files, Download remotely 3DMG topo points and specific as-built data and finally monitor operator daily benchmarks and support operator remotely from your desk.

Instantly acquire machine
as-built data

While operating on a project using 3D digital design, as-built information is directly collected from the machine. This as-built data can be directly visualized in Smart Construction Dashboard, allowing automatic update of the terrain. Change in topography can also be visualized on the in-cabin screen using Pilot Tablet.

Connect Smart Construction Retrofit with Smart Construction Dashboard to enable as-built data visualization and project progress tracking

Track load counts
and volume moved​

Smart Construction Fleet combines payload data with logistic
information. In addition to the weight of soil loaded in the
bucket, you can also find out when and where the excavator
empties its bucket into a dump truck and the total amount of
soil loaded in the truck.

Connect Smart Construction Retrofit with Smart Construction Fleet to enable material tracking and payload reporting.

Payload Meter

Make use of Payload Meter to measure the weight of soil loaded in the bucket or in the truck.

Please note that the payload meter is initially launched on Komatsu machines.


Part of the integrated Smart Construction ecosystem

Integrated into the whole Smart Construction ecosystem, Smart Construction Retrofit works as an IoT tool gathering data from terrain, machine, and material. Depending on our customers’ needs, these data can go straight into our family of solutions for further analysis to help companies optimise their daily operation and decision-making.

Standard Hardware Kit

The standard kit is available in different sizes: from 8 tonnes up to 50 tonnes.

Additional Hardware Kit

Tablet Kit Option

Tilt Bucket Kit Option

SATEL Radio Kit Option

Two Piece Boom Kit Option