Visualise your jobsite for remote follow-up and create measurements instantly

Smart Construction Dashboard is where all your terrain related data come together as one 3D map. A visualisation tool for designs, measured terrain, and terrain changes over time. See what happens on jobsites and create measurements on your jobsite’s digital twin in just a few clicks.


A handy measurement tool for everyone​

With a 3D map always up to date, you can do all kinds of calculations right here on your jobsites’ digital twin. The volume of a stockpile, the length of a sewage line, or ground-level estimations, obtain all these measurements in a matter of seconds, without waiting on an expert.

Cut-and-Fill Volume

Make accurate, frequent and safe cut-and-fill volume calculation at every stage of your construction project. 

2D and 3D Cross Section

Visually compare multiple surfaces with 2D and 3D cross section by simply clicking on two points.

As-built terrain data collection

Use your machine to survey

Smart Construction Dashboard automatically visualises as-built data coming from excavators equipped with Smart Construction Retrofit Kit and Komatsu intelligent machines every 24 hours. Get the latest terrain and work progress data while your machines are getting their job done.

Track work progress

Jobsite progress has never been easier to understand. Make better decisions based on accurate insights into work progress and productivity.

Slope and Elevation

Easily visualise and calculate slope and elevation. Make sure you are always constructing towards design.

file formats

One single platform for all your design and survey data.

Survey data
.las, .laz, .xml, .txt, .csv
.las, .laz, .xml, .txt, .csv


.las, .laz, .txt, .csv
.svl, .dsz, .tp3, .dxf, .xml
.tiff, .tif
Vector overlay
.czml, .json, .geojson, .kml, .kmz
.tiff, .tif