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A 3D Machine Guidance that collects as-built terrain and payload data

Looking for a solution with a competitive price to improve accuracy and boost productivity for your whole fleet? Like in the car industry, GNSS systems should no longer be a premium option. Maximise your one-time investment in Machine Guidance with payload meter, progress follow-up and payload reporting functionalities.

Smart Construction Retrofit a machine guidance kit developed by Komatsu

Functionalities that align with your everyday needs. Simple, precise digging for all operators.

3D Machine Guidance for your mixed fleet

Get the flexibility to easily switch between 2D and 3D guidance modes based on jobsite conditions

Crawler or wheeled?

We have everything you need – and we even offer a two-piece boom kit

Upgrade your conventional machine within a day

Execute the latest designs with high accuracy thanks to the multi-constellation GNSS system

Smart Construction Retrofit machine guidance installed on a hitachi
Smart Construction Retrofit GNSS Antenna from the Machine Guidance kit developed by Komatsu

Implement and execute design with less error in a modern way

Make sure operators dig according to the latest design. Monitor daily benchmarks, stay up-to-date with their progress and assist them from your desk.

Smart Construction Retrofit File Conversion Remote Access Pilot Machine Guidance
Smart Construction Retrofit Machine Guidance is equipped with a payload meter to measure the payload of the bucket and prevent non-optimized haul truck loads

Payload Meter: Hit loading target with every bucket

Payload Meter allows for on-the-go weighing of soil. Measure the weight of soil loaded in the bucket or in the truck.

Discover 3 amazing features that jobsite managers like the most

Find out how you can benefit from them while sticking within budget.

The Connected Site

Digitizing your conventional fleet: The 3D Machine Guidance Kit is your first step towards jobsite optimisation.

Smart Construction Retrofit connected to Smart Construction Dashboard Smart Construction Fleet Smart Construction Pilot DX Machine Guidance
Smart Construction Retrofit connected to Smart Construction Dashboard showing As Built information from the Field

An IoT device automatically collecting terrain data

Get an all-inclusive view of your construction site with Smart Construction Dashboard. Automatically visualize as-built terrain information while your machines are hard at work, and strengthen the data set by adding another data source next to drone and rover.

Smart Construction Retrofit connected to Smart Construction Fleet showing productivity

Daily machine productivity follow-up

Connect with Smart Construction Fleet to combine payload data with logistic information for an efficient overview on productivity.

Standard Hardware Kit

The standard kit is available in different sizes: from 8 tonnes up to 50 tonnes.

Additional Hardware Kit

Tablet Kit Option

Tilt Bucket Kit Option

SATEL Radio Kit Option

Two Piece Boom Kit