Follow up progress in volume to ensure jobsite profitability

Knowing if current performance will meet final plan is crucial, but maintaining an efficient overview while managing multiple jobsites is hard. Smart Construction Dashboard aggregates earth movement information, allowing for effortless daily cut-and-fill checkup. React and recover quickly before major financial overruns
A stylistic illustration of Smart Construction Dashboard, a tool developed by EarthBrain which is a majority owned joint venture from Komatsu

Every day is a new day

Ever wondered if the volume moved today has matched up to your planning? Curious about how much it cost to move a cubic meter? Closely monitoring the performance of your jobsite(s) is a key factor in making sure profitability remain on track!

Daily volumetric progress checkup
Smart Construction Dashboard makes volume tracking effortless and straightforward for everyone.

Our site managers now have the ability to directly measure the cubic meters moved and do invoices without the help of a surveyor.

Smart Construction Dashboard displaying the ability to to calculating volumetric progress
Smart Construction Dashboard showing the various calculations you are able to do on an earthmoving jobsite
Powerful calculation tool box
Visualise and measure terrain changes towards the planned final surface.
A digital replica true to your site

An (almost) real-time digital counterpart of your physical site integrating all terrain-related datasets.

As a site manager overseeing multiple sites in parallel, having a daily updated terrain status of all my sites saves me two days of time budget per month.

Smart Construction Dashboard showing BIM like abilities
Smart Construction Dashboard webinar

Take a peek and see how Dashboard could work for you

Let a site manager walk you through how Dashboard is applied on his jobsite in real life!

The Connected Site

From mountain peaks to flat fields, earthmoving is all about taking an existing terrain and reshaping it to a totally new surface. That’s why our Dashboard is the key tool lying at the heart of terrain visualisation. Receive a clear visual image of your jobsite terrain while helping you measure and monitor terrain changes towards the planned final surface.

On Display Smart Construction Edge, Smart Construction Retrofit, Smart Construction Quick3D

Automatic data collection from the field

Our amazing suite of IoT tools allows you to quickly gather data and provide it the Dashboard in near-real time, eliminating the need for manual labor.

Smart Construction Edge

On-site processing of drone data at lightning speed

Smart Construction Quick3D

Quick mobile lidar scanning to make detailed updates in your digital twin

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance

3D machine guidance collecting daily as-constructed data

Optimise and simulate your ongoing processes

Using the Dashboard data, our Simulation tool allows digital rehearsals to happen in the virtual space, where different combinations of equipment and soil distributions can be tested out before they start happening onsite.

Get up-to-date with your daily feed of info once the project starts – adjust plans based on construction changes or lost time as needed.

Optimize operations through an eternal loop of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) with the help of expert advice tailored just for you.

Use your intelligent Machine Control (iMC) to survey

Unlock the highest levels of productivity with powerful analytical insights from your iMC. Now you can easily visualize and measure terrain evolutions, thanks to its seamless integration into the Dashboard!


A handy measurement tool for everyone​

With a 3D map always up to date, you can do all kinds of calculations right here on your jobsites’ digital twin. The volume of a stockpile, the length of a sewage line, or ground-level estimations, obtain all these measurements in a matter of seconds, without waiting on an expert.

Cut-and-Fill Volume

Make accurate, frequent and safe cut-and-fill volume calculation at every stage of your construction project. 

2D and 3D Cross Section

Visually compare multiple surfaces with 2D and 3D cross section by simply clicking on two points.

As-built terrain data collection

Use your machine to survey

Smart Construction Dashboard automatically visualises as-built data coming from excavators equipped with Smart Construction Retrofit Kit and Komatsu intelligent machines every 24 hours. Get the latest terrain and work progress data while your machines are getting their job done.

Track work progress

Jobsite progress has never been easier to understand. Make better decisions based on accurate insights into work progress and productivity.

Slope and Elevation

Easily visualise and calculate slope and elevation. Make sure you are always constructing towards design.

file formats

One single platform for all your design and survey data.

Survey data
.las, .laz, .xml, .txt, .csv
.las, .laz, .xml, .txt, .csv


.las, .laz, .txt, .csv
.svl, .dsz, .tp3, .dxf, .xml
.tiff, .tif
Vector overlay
.czml, .json, .geojson, .kml, .kmz
.tiff, .tif
Smart Construction Dashboard webinar


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