Rapid processing of drone data to create a 3D terrain map before leaving the jobsite.

Turn days of data
processing into hours

Drone surveying is great, but the huge amount calculation work still remains a painful truth. With Smart Construction Edge, data processing is only a matter of hours. Once your drone flight is finished, it starts to process the flight immediately, calculates point clouds, and has a 3D model of the terrain delivered within a very short time. For a jobsite of 25.000 m2, it only requires between 20 minutes to an hour of processing time, depending on the accuracy you wish to have.

No need for Ground Control Points (GCPs)
As a someone who thinks ahead of their time, you must have done drone surveying on one of your sites or at least thought about it. But for something that should be for the future, you’re still doing a lot of manual setup, like laying down those Ground Control Points. Smart Construction Edge gives you the ability to drone survey without putting down any ground control points thanks to its onboard GPS system that takes care of all the positioning job. This makes it also a perfect tool in those areas without reception, where onboard RTK from the drone won’t work.

One Hardware solution that has great powers:

One Hardware solution that has great powers:

Turn your Phantom 4 RTK into an RTK (Real Time Kinematic) drone connecting to Edge or fly in PPK (Post Processing Kinematic) mode

Edge hardware is the most efficient data output in the market. Usable data under 30min is possible

Edge is a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) base station and processing unit All In One providing drone data extremely fast in the field.

Process your data with Projection Geoid or use a Localisation.

Easily setup the Edge on a known, or unknown point by self positioning using Network Correction

Include GCP’s (Ground Control Points) to improve accuracy
Use the SMART “Checker” function to adjust the point cloud for optimum accuracy improvement.

Edge is integrated into Smart Construction Dashboard workflow using IoT

Automate your processed data by uploading it seamlessly to Smart Construction Dashboard

Processing Settings


Point Cloud Density

Vertical Off-set