Send new design data to machines in the field, or remotely support operators, without traveling to the jobsite

Send design files to machines remotely, no matter you’re at home, in the office or on another jobsite. Press “send” and go home with peace of mind. Your files are safely stored in the cloud and operators will see the update as soon as the machine is turned on.

Mixed Fleet?
We’ve got you covered!

Smart Construction Remote doesn’t only do file transfers from the office to the machine and back. You can send files in batch to the whole fleet. It works on very own intelligent Machine Control system, but also machines that use the latest Topcon and Trimble GNSS systems.

"Smart Construction Remote allows me to have one single solution for all my 3D systems."

100% Certified Compatible Systems





Smart Construction

Want to become compatible with Smart Construction Remote?

Are you an aftermarket system provider? Do you want to connect your 3D system with Smart Construction Remote? We’d love to work with you!

Save Time

Save yearly up to 30 hours for every machine you own*

Save Fuel

Lower your milage by 10 000km per year or 1495kg of CO2*

Save Money

Save up to thousands of euros just by working remotely*

Remote support for operators, also from third parties

Does your machine operator have a question or need some help? Geolocate the machine on the map, click and request control. Any issue the operators are facing, you can see it from here and help them out. Incredibly handy for newly onboarded operators. The cherry on top? Rental companies, distributors or even subcontractors can invite third parties to the solution. So that support teams or project managers outside of your organization can help your operators in need.

"Now I just need 15 minutes to support operators and I can do it from the office, whereas it used to take me half a day and dozens of kilometers."

Features and Benefits