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Real-time machine movement and productivity reports for mixed fleet operations

Are your machines as productive as possible? Are you making profit or burning cash standing idle? Are there logistic bottlenecks on site that need to be addressed? Track cycle time, cycle counts and load volume. Review key productivity metrics with Smart Construction Fleet.

Smart Construction Fleet haul data

Look beyond project delays

Fleet gives a full picture of your on-site operations. Review crucial productivity metrics, understand the reasons behind project delays. Improve haul route or fleet allocation before error becomes costly.

Real-time visualisation of machines and material

Gain accurate insights into your fleet’s productivity

Create efficient traffic flow

Smart Construction Fleet Create effecient traffic flow
Smart Construction Fleet data inflow

An automatically generated daily report summarising all incoming data points

With valuable jobsite data points like volume, progress and cut-and-fill, you can stay up to date with the latest status of your project. But when delays occur, Fleet provides easy-to-understand daily productivity reports to help you understand the cause.

Smart Construction Fleet Report overview

Simple set up,
no hidden costs

Get the convenience of a plug-and-go tracker, or go mobile with the Fleet app. Our hardware trackers come complete with a SIM card and we cover all data costs so there’s no need to worry about any extra fees.

Daily machine & operation insights straight from Fleet

Tracking things like cycle time, cycle count, load and unload count can be really repetitive and time-consuming – not to mention risky. See how Fleet is giving you easy access to this information that used to be a pain to get at. Now, maximise your jobsite efficiency with daily operation insights.

The Connected Site

Whether you can finish your projects on time highly depends on how productive your machines are. With Smart Construction Fleet you have all critical machine productivity data at hand – so you can deep dive into why volume has gone down or progress is lagging behind. Traffic congestion? Need an extra dump truck? Make sure to get an upper hand and allocate fleet accordingly for maximum efficiency.

Smart Construction Retrofit and Fleet Realtime machine productivity data automatically captured

Real-time machine productivity data automatically captured

Our suite of solutions make sure you have all the data you need to understand whether or not your machine is working at full capacity.

Our Fleet device itself works as a smart IoT tool to collect all the vital data from on-site locations, speed, unload counts, slewing and more – plus it pairs with our Retrofit kit payload meter so you know exactly how much soil is being loaded into each truck.

Combine this real time information in an easy visual way by automatically syncing the latest orthophoto backdrops from Dashboard.

Smart Construction 3D Machine Guidance

3D machine guidance collecting daily as-constructed data

Smart Construction fleet Simulation quickly adjust machine allocation before major delay occurs

Quickly adjust machine allocation before major delay occurs

Fleet gives us real-time insights, and then we check it against our planned timeline in Simulation. That way you can spot any gap between what you had planned and reality – no need to worry though as our experts are here to help optimise your current machine allocation.

See how one more extra dump truck or excavator could affect completion dates by running potential scenarios inside the virtual environment before taking action in real life. Make sure nothing gets off track by repeating the comparison regularly during the construction phase.

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