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Zero-cost surveying, follow up terrain changes and volume progress with intelligent Machine Control (iMC)

Surveyor overworked? Spending precious time driving from one site to another? Enhance high productivity with analytical insights straight from your intelligent Machine Control Machine! Start to visualise and analyse terrain changes by connecting your iMC to Smart Construction Dashboard.

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control iMC D51PXi-24

+ 14 000 Units
+ 40 000 000 Operation Hours
+ 51% Productivity

Global #1 Integrated 3D Machine Control system

Your intelligent machines are renowned for their efficiency, precision and productivity but that isn't just all

Unlock the powerful jobsite progress data captured by your intelligent machines! Make free connections to Smart Construction Dashboard, so all that valuable jobsite information doesn’t go wasted. Get measurable progress updates right at your fingertips!

Make your iMC a powerful surveying tool, how does it work?

Your paintbrush in virtual 3D space

While operating on-site, your iMC machines have also been capturing tons of location and elevation data along the dozer tracks and from the lowest point of your excavator’s bucket edge. Visualise all these machine movement on Smart Construction Dashboard – it’s like painting with a brush on a virtual 3D terrain.

Stay on top of the landscape with automatic terrain update

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Kanalband Haus Aden

Bergkamen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

“We could easily save 10% of our monthly time budget by utilizing as-built data from the dozer.”
Thomas Vent

Jobsite Manager at ECOSOIL Nordwest GmbH

Better decisions enabled by your jobsite's digital twin

Smart Construction Dashboard is the digital counterpart of your jobsite, where machine as-built data pairs seamlessly with drone photogrammetry, LiDAR scans and other surveying methods – so you can make decisions quickly and confidently to stay one step ahead of costly errors.

Effortless volume and progress tracking

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What is machine as-built data? How can I leverage this data to boost productivity?

Let’s virtually step on your jobsite and explore how powerful machine as-built data can be! Grab a hardhat it’s time for a tour.

Virtually step on your jobsite
while receiving automatic progress report?

Follow up progress in volume to ensure jobsite profitability

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